EM & Co presents

paintings by Greta Back
December 16 - January 19

Opening Cocktail Reception: Thursday, December 16, 7-10 pm

EM & Co, 7940 W. 3rd St., L.A., CA 90048
RSVP: rsvp@emandco.com | 323.782.8155

About Greta Back:
Greta Back's first solo exhibit in Los Angeles, "Raw Edges Exposed," explores the various aspects and symbols of her new-found freedom. Moving to L.A. from Seattle in April 2009 was not only a fresh start, but a way to conquer her fears, particularly her fear of sharing her art with anyone. A month after her move to Los Angeles, in a bizarre twist of fate that was difficult to explain to her mom, Greta fell out of a palm tree and broke both elbows, her right ankle, and her drawing hand. Out of work for three months, getting sponge baths from her friends, and sitting in the window of her little Echo Park apartment above Sunset Blvd., she taught herself to paint and draw with her left hand. When her right hand began to heal, she began using it again, but the ambidextrous realization helped shape her vision for these works.

This series is an investigation of color. She dug up long-buried bits of knowledge picked up in color theory classes, while studying sculpture at the Museum School of Fine Arts in Boston, and re-learned the many ways that colors push and pull against one another. Since Gouache is a medium that doesn't blend, she chose to use pixels to represent a broader area of color, while seeing how the smaller units interact with each other, in a newly-found freedom. For more information about Greta Back, please visit: www.gretaback.com.